Rhetoric Specialist


Irene Bejenke Walsh has worked as an Executive Trainer and Coach for over 15 years specialising in communication and presentation skills.  She founded her training and coaching consultancy, MessageLab, in London in 2000. Irene has successfully coached and advised entrepreneurs, CEOs and management teams across a wide range of sectors and territories in preparation for demanding communication challenges: from new business pitches, IPOs, board presentations and product launches to public speaking assignments and media interviews.  

Irene’s clients include large corporates such as Hewlett Packard, IKEA and Astra Zeneca. She has also worked with many clients in the public and non-profit sector as well as SME’s and start-ups across various industries such as software/IT/telecoms, retail, media, biotech, cleantech, banking and manufacturing. In addition to her work with corporate clients, Irene teaches as a guest lecturer on communication and presentation skills at four European universities, including Imperial Business School in London and DTU Business School in Copenhagen. Irene’s background as a print and broadcast journalist for The Wall Street Journal and CNBC has honed her ability to extract the essence of a compelling presentation or business pitch. Teaching these skills and creating rapport and trust with diverse audiences are her passion and area of expertise. Irene is bilingual, working in both English and German, and holds a certification as an NLP Master Practitioner.

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