Management Trainer


Jochen Grotehöfer has had 25-years professional experience as a management consultant. He studied business administration in Bonn and Cologne, and combined this with a work study in South Africa. After working for Kienbaum, the state government of Rhineland Palatinate and the KPMG consulting company he been working since 2003 as an independent consultant for management coaching and change management. 

A large portion of Jochen’s focus is dedicated to addressing, improving, and understanding the motivation of people and organizations in a professional context. In order to achieve the best results he is dedicated to identifying and developing positive aspects of corporate culture through the use of psychometrics and other tools that provide the basis of creating intensely useful professional and personal discourses with his clients.

Jochen runs lectures and training sessions on corporate culture, human resources & corporate development, as well as project management and examining "Executive sparring" options for personal and professional development. At KCIG Academy, Jochen teaches our Leadership Impact seminar.

Upon request, Jochen’s courses are available in: German, English, French and Italian.

Jochen Grotenhöfer’s Kurse