Management Trainer


Wolfgang Pochlatko is a consultant, trainer and coach for Lean Management with over 20 years’ experience in the industrial environment and management consultancy. He graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Kaiserslautern and now works as a trainer, coach and developer of lean management workshops and training for the pulse Training Center in Cologne.

His references include project experience in the metal industry (Thyssen Krupp, VWG, Krupp steel profiles, Berke Hoff), the processing industry (ICI, Rutgers Chemical, Pfleiderer, Kronospan, Erbsloh, Lehmann & Voss), mechanical engineering (whistling fer Vacuum, Adixen) and in the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer, Sandoz, Madaus).

Wolfgang focusses on all topics regarding lean management, including: methods of lean production, maintenance, service and administrative areas. Wolfgang has diverse experience in advisory and operational positions for production-related areas and engineering across a broad set of industrial environments. His training emphasis the development of industrial processes, supply chain management, and Lean Manufacturing focussing on the aspects of analysis, conceptualisation, implementation, change processes and the conceptual design and the operation of management systems. Wolfgang works with KCIG Academy as one of our Lean Management consultancy experts.

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