KCIG is "Growth Champion 2016"!

FOCUS and Statista have just presented the fastest growing companies in Germany. This independent survey lists 500 companies with the highest growth in revenue between 2011 and 2014. It recognizes the achievements of those companies, which influence both, the economy and society, created new jobs and ensured growth.

The consulting agency KCIG GmbH, the parent company of KCIG Academy®, is one of these innovators and scored 10th in the Business Consultancy sector. KCIG was founded by Andrei Kovacs in 2007 and offers its services in the project management and data management domain, as well as a broad portfolio of engineering services across various industries.

We thank our employees for their excellent work! Particularly as the success story continues: in 2014 KCIG won the Top 100 ™ Innovation Award and 2015 the MINT certification for the promotion and support of engineering and science focused talent.

Staff development is a priority at KCIG. Our aim: We make the best even better - with further training by KCIG Academy®. The Academy was originally founded in 2012 to train and develop our own employees, and due to its success, started to offer in-house trainings throughout Germany.

Get to know the Academy and benefit from our know-how.



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