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With over 34 years of combined experience in Sales and Human Resources, our sales-skills trainer Klaus Balzer is a prime authority on effective, efficient and professional sales techniques. In addition to working for firms such as Hays AG, Amadeus FiRe AG and IRKAS system house, Klaus has previous experience lecturing and teaching at the University of Paderborn, Economic Development Paderborn, UniConsult Paderborn and more!

Klaus‘ approach to both his professional working environment and training is direct and hands-on. Klaus seeks to relate and deliver profound value-based tools, which he himself has previosuly successfully implemented. It is this approach that ensures his students are able to both confidently and convincingly represent and sell their products and services to their preferred target audience. While Klaus‘ training is suitable for all business levels and industries, he specializes in helping SME’S in the capital goods, mechanical and plant engineering, emerging technology and IT industries.

A confident speaker, recognised lecturer and industry expert, Klaus teaches our workshop and seminars in Basic Sales and Sales Psychology.

Klaus Balzer’s Kurse