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Conflict Resolution Management

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Info and Benefits

Even in the most ideal working environments, conflicts can occasionally arise between co-workers. Effectively and immediately resolving these issues helps to decrease the likelihood of re-occurrence, while stabiliseing workplace morale and createing  a strong basis for on-going co-operation between staff members.
This workshop focusses not only on mediation between others, but also managing personal behaviour and outlook through the development of positive and professional attitudes. In this course, attendees learn the basics of transactional analysis, behavioural psychology and how to dissolve conflict tension.

Target Audience

Individuals who wish to either manage personal situations of conflict in the workplace or mediate workplace conflict between others.

Content and Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to recognise early warning signs in their own behaviours and that of others, while also expertly and confidently resolving any and all impending workplace conflicts, as well as:

  • Understand and apply the Game Theory concept of transactional analysis to identify and resolve workplace conflicts
  • Develop a neutral, un-biased perception of events leading up to conflict
  • Champion open information and communication in order to create a positive, low conflict working environment


  • Catering included
  • Tools included


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