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ILS/IPS Training

Increase productivity and improve technical qualifications in the field of Integrated Logistics Support at both individual and organisational levels.  mehr

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Project Management

From Project Management fundamentals to PMP® certification courses, our seminars and workshops are designed to completely develop and enable participants’ project management skills and potential. mehr

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Professional Competencies

From quantifiably improving sales and distribution techniques to promoting intercultural communications and understanding our Professional Competencies courses have you covered!  mehr

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Personal Development

Develop the core communication and mediation techniques required of successful professionals at all levels of business across all types of industries. In order to ensure your success in these areas we offer a range of courses and workshops that will improve time management, conflict resolution and presentation & communication skills. mehr

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Management Skills

Encourage greatness by sustainably increasing the creativity and innovation performance of both individuals and teams in the workplace! Our hands-on creativity and innovation workshops are fun and effective, helping you to find new approaches to daily tasks that will give you a competitive edge!  mehr

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Tools and Methods

Increase productivity and reduce stress by improving and refining technical qualifications in business oriented software at both individual and organisational levels. We offer Microsoft Excel Introduction, Advanced and Visual Basic integration courses as well as complete knowledge development programs in MS Project and SharePoint. mehr

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