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Rhetoric and Presentation - English

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Information & Benefits

In the first part of this two-part interactive coaching seminar, participants will learn how to structure and deliver powerful business presentations while connecting with any given audience to create impact at the right level. Attendees will participate in a simulation of relevant work topics and situations that will be recorded for trainer feedback and peer review. For this exercise trainees should bring an existing or newly created work presentation.

The second section of the seminar utilises role play to explore some of the issues involved in moderating business meetings. Issues addressed include: staying on target, giving and receiving feedback and personal communication styles. In addition, trainees are provided with an introduction to moderation.  

Target Group

Professionals who wish to be able to flexibly and proficiently communicate in all business situations, covering both daily and specialised tasks, including public presentations.

Content and Outcomes

  • The first section of the training focuses on the following aspects:  
  • The 3 “P”s of presenting: Prepare-Perform-Personalise
  • How to structure your presentation
  • Using verbal and non-verbal communication to full effect
  • Effective rhetorical techniques
  • One size doesn’t fit all: capturing your audience
  • Practicing & time keeping
  • Maximising the use of visual support tools

The second section of the training focusses on the following aspects:

  • Preparation & work with a discussion guide
  • Understanding & applying the basic principles of moderation
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Manage client involvement
  • Communication style: being concise & rapid rapport building with different audiences
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • What happens after a meeting
  • Best practice tips


  • Catering included
  • Tools included


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5-8 people = 15 % discount per course/
9-12 people = 25% discount per course



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