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Company profile

Founded in 2012 by Andrei Kovacs and Florian Schumacher; KCIG Academy provides high quality industry relevant and academically rigorous training across a range of business related disciplines to professionals, managers and project oriented organisations of all sizes. With headquarters based in Köln, Germany, KCIG also provides in-house trainings, and offers workshops and seminars in select locations across Germany. 

Originally an internal training company specialising in developing project management skill sets, KCIG Academy has experienced rapid growth. KCIG Academy offers 19 comprehensive courses across a variety of disciplines with 17 experienced and dynamic training experts, servicing a range of companies including Sonderhoff Chemicals GmbH, Net Cologne and Ford GmbH. 

KCIG Academy also works in partnership with the renowned Cranfield University School of Business; and offers the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification course, in association with the Project Management Institution.


To provide business professionals, managers and organisations with high quality, interactive, personalised and transformational training. Through an on-going commitment to education that incorporates real world application with academic theory. Ensuring that everything we do expands our customers’ knowledge, develops their creativity, inspires their innovation and boosts their growth.

Vision and Growth

Our goal is to be known and recognized across Europe for specialising in the provision of internationally focused, multi-lingual training that is of the highest possible level of quality, especially in regard to the field of Project Management. As a result we are aiming to be the first choice education provider for any and all related project related business endeavours in the Pan-European region.

We aim to provide a comprehensive portfolio of top quality, professional, engaging trainers and on-demand training courses which are recognised by current and potential clients as being innovative, inspiring and visionary.

We will be driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, striving to provide access to Europe’s most recognized trainers, speakers in the sectors of management, leadership and training.

Thanks for the great speech yesterday. The auditorium was thrilled!

Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich

President, Cologne Business School (CBS), European University of Applied Sciences

The course helped me to realize entirely new aspects of my personal approach to time management. I can take the knowledge to work tomorrow and apply it right away!

G. Schoebel

Program Analyst Ford GmbH

Training and Business Philosophy

In order to be true to the spirit of our mission and vision statements, we collected extensive amounts of information by sitting down with our trainers and collecting customer feedback.

The result:

The 4P System! - A reflection of our overarching business philosophy, training methodologies and moral values, all rolled in to one. It reflects our permanent pledge of commitment to giving the best to our customers while maintaining our passion and direction

To learn more about the 4P system scroll-over the P's below.