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Leadership Impact Training

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Info and Benefits

To reach your objectives as a business leader you rely on the motivation and capabilities of your staff. To lead those effectively you need to be certain that your leadership style and behaviour provides the right impetus. We offer you the right platform and analytical tools to assess your leadership impact in your organization.

We will work on the direct and indirect impact of different leadership styles and how these influence the organisational culture and strategy in your company.
We will investigate your leadership style with the 360° feedback analysis “leadership Impact” developed by our partner “human Synergistics”. The assessment includes a survey which needs to be conducted in your company two weeks before to the training. During the seminar we are assessing your personal leadership style, and we will evaluate the results of a gap analysis between your self-perception and awareness of others regarding your leadership style.

Target Audience

For experienced business leaders who want to analyse their leadership style and its impact.

Content and Outcomes

  • Get to know your own leadership behaviour and learn about ways to improve it
  • Based on a survey based 360° Feedback you will gain insights into the “real” perception of your leadership style. This will go hand in hand with specific recommendations on how to increase your leadership efficiency.
  • Exchange experiences and opinions with fellow senior managers and extend your network.
  • Develop specific actions to optimise your leadership impact


  • Catering included
  • Tools included


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This training is targetet at whole company groups and can either be booked as an in-house training or you can use the KCIG Academy training facilities.


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