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Manage your Manager - German

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Info and Benefits

Conflicts arise when a project sponsor also acts as the project manager’s line manager. Learning the ropes of sensible stakeholder management and understanding the motivation and point of view of superiors is key to succeeding in such challenging project structures.

Discover how to master the fine line between project requirements and line organisation wishes. Learn how to manage your manager to help them better manage yourself. 

Target Audience

This course has been designed directly for project based managers who want to improve their internal stakeholder management.

 Content and Outcomes

Developing the right skill sets to successfully manage the expectations of all stakeholders involved in a project is a key to success. Being able to manage your line manager’s expectations while being able keep your projects within budget, schedule and scope is project management excellence. Structuring your own work and ensuring transparent work and communication processes are another important element in managing your manager.

This workshop provides strategies and methods to:

  • Understand and apply the basic schemes of professional project communication
  • Understand your superior’s strength, weaknesses and rationales
  • Define transparent Roles and responsibilities
  • Deploy the right communication and conflict management schemes
  • Organize and structure your workload.


  • Catering included
  • Tools included


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