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Conducting Projects like Music

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Leading different groups with differing characters towards a common goal while con-sidering time, scope and cost. Sounds familiar? Well, we are not talking about IT or au-tomotive project management, this time we are talking about the challenge to make an orchestra perform as intended by the conductor.

Andrei Kovacs, successful serial entre-preneur who perfected his project man-agement skills in the fragrance- (L’Oreal / Giorgo Armani) and automotive industry (Ford Motor Company, PSA Peugeot) will take you on a journey into the world orchestras and classical music. Before starting his career in the business do-main, Andrei was trained as a classical pianists and conductor, trained at the ‘Universität der Künste’ in Berlin, Ger-many. He worked with the big names such as Daniel Barenboim, Gustav Kuhn and Gyorgy Sebok.
Andrei will draw the connections from leading a whole orchestra to leading project management teams, from rhythm to time management, from the motivations, opportunities and limitations of instrumental groups to inspiring and visionary leadership in projects. He will cover topics such as leadership styles, quality management and conflict management and develop the learnings that can be derived from the world of music to the challenges faced by managers managers of small, medium and large companies. 
During the 1.5 days of this seminar you will gain unique insights into entrepre-neurship, leadership topics and, of course, classical music.

Target Audience

Project Managers that want to gain new approaches to leading projects and love to think outside the box.


  • Understanding differing motiva-tions
  • Understanding different leader-ship styles
  • Teambuilding – turning weak-nesses into strengths
  • Conflict management in diverse project environments
  • Quality management




  • Catering included
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