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Sales and Distribution Basics

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Info and Benefits

Distributions and sales form the core activities of most companies. It is therefore vital for an organisation’s personnel to be well versed in leading-edge sales techniques. This workshop develops and refines an individual’s sales and distribution skill set piece by piece!
In our Sales and Distributions Basics workshop attendees will learn how to professionally, successfully and confidently approach their sales tasks. This will be achieved by providing participants with the fundamental skill-sets and knowledge bases that will help with all essential sales functions. The main focus of this training is on how to structure, prepare and conduct sales conversations.

Target Audience

For all employees in sales and marketing, from entry level positions to experienced professionals who wish to optimize their sales activities and strengthen core techniques.

Content and Outcomes

This course uses a hands-on approach, comprising practical examples and case studies to help participants evaluate their own individual marketing strengths thoroughly and systematically. Key themes of the workshop include:

  • Effective preparation for the sales pitch
  • First contact: The telephone approach
  • Learning and understanding the roles of a “Buying Centre”
  • Defining and establishing sales sub-goals
  • Preparing customised sales strategy: An alternative scenario approach
  • Identifying human and situational factors
  • Understanding the sales conversation in stages
  • Gold Standard of successful salespeople: Question technique & requirement analysis
  • Developing customer-oriented reasoning models
  • “Yes, but. . .” The perfect excuse and handling objections


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  • Catering included
  • Tools included


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  • Proficient German required


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